What type of engines do both of the Bruin Sprayer models use?
• HS700 uses a liquid cooled, Deutz engine at 210 hp.
• HS1100 uses a Cummins 6.7L at 300 hp.
• Both models are currently Tier 3 emissions.

What wheel motors does the Bruin Sprayer use?
• Both models use Rexroth wheel motors, hydrostatics and final drives.

What are the boom options?
• HS700 has a boom length of 90 feet.
• HS1100 has 100-foot and 120-foot boom length options.
• All booms are steel in construction.

What is the “eco” mode?
• The eco mode allows operators to lower engine RPMs, save fuel and reduce noise, all while maximizing power. Just choose your speed and the engine RPMs adjust to achieve the set speed according to load.

Where are Bruin Sprayers made?
• Bruin Sprayer chassis are made in France with the final assembly occurring at ET headquarters in Mooresville, Indiana. There are plans to move the manufacturing completely to ET soon.

What precision ag products does the Bruin Sprayer use?
• Bruin Sprayers use the Raven Viper 4+, with options for Advanced RS1 Steering, AutoBoomXRT and Ultraglide.

What is the crop clearance?
• HS700 is fixed with a 50 inch crop clearance.
• The HS1100 clearance starts at 60 inches and can be adjusted up to 70 inches.

What axle options are available?
• HS700 – Manual width adjustments of 79-105 inches and manual width adjustments of 90-120 inches.
• HS1100 – Hydraulic adjustment of 120-160 inches.

How much does the Bruin Sprayer weigh?
• HS700 – 20,240 pounds.
• HS1100 – 28,225 pounds.

What is the weight distribution of the Bruin Sprayer?
• Both models have a 50/50 weight distribution.

Does the Bruin Sprayer use one hydrostat or two?
• HS700 uses two Rexroth hydrostats.
• HS1100 uses one Rexroth hydrostat.

What is the road speed of the Bruin Sprayers?
• HS700 max speed is 28 mph with three speed ranges: First: 0-12 mph, Second: 0-18 mph and Third: 0-28 mph.
• HS1100 max speed is 34 mph with two speed ranges: First: 0-20 mph and Second: 0-34 mph.

What are the tire options?
• HS700 currently has one tire option — with standard Michelin 380/90R46 tires.
• HS1100 comes standard with Michelin 380/90R46 tires.

What is the warranty on the Bruin Sprayers?
• Both models carry a five-year limited warranty with full bumper-to-bumper coverage the first two years (>1000 hours).

Is there an option to add a chemical eductor to the Bruin Sprayers?
• Yes, both models can have a Hypro® Cleanload™ feature added.

What size is the rinse tank?
• HS700 – 70 gallons.
• HS1100 – 110 gallons.

Why do Bruin Sprayers use a four-wheel steer? Is this feature standard or optional?
• We use four-wheel steering in the Bruin Sprayer to lessen crop damage during post spraying. This feature is recommended but optional.

Do auto-steer functions work with four-wheel steer?
• No, the auto-steer function must be disengaged for the four-wheel steer to work when turning (and then the opposite when spraying back down the field). This is all done with a push of a button.

What type of suspension does the Bruin Sprayer use?
• The HS700 features a pneumatic suspension with two front air bags and one rear airbag.
• The HS1100 uses a four-wheel independent pneumatic suspension.


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