Smooth Sailing in the new Bruin HS700


“After one week and 1,000 acres with the Bruin HS700, it’s clear that this sprayer is easy to maneuver and get into tight places. You don’t have to think twice about turning around to pick up a small skip. Plus, there is no dipping and rolling with turns and no massive motor-home-like feel. The ride is smooth with the best handling I have seen on a rear boom with Ultra-Glide. This machine does not wear you down in irregular terrain as many other sprayers do. The suspension works really well. It soaks up a lot of the rolls and pitches that you normally have to brace yourself for using a lot of torso muscles which can keep most operators tensing up throughout the day just to stay straight in the seat. The road speed runs at about 28 and it steers quite well going down the road. Though the Bruin HS700 is compact, the cab is comfortable and spacious enough for two normal-sized folks. Overall the HS700 is a pretty nice, well-built sprayer with a lot of cool features — It should enhance the ET line up along with its larger brother, the HS1100.”

Greg Simpson, Kansas

2201 Hancel Parkway
Mooresville, IN 46158
P: 1.800.861.2142   F: 317.834.4501